9/11: Beyond Hate

Odyssey is devoted to bringing people of all faiths together around the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to begin the conversation about why now, more than ever, ten years later, faith needs to be seen not as the inciting incident, the problem, and the divide...but as the voice, the fulcrum and the solution.

        9/11: Beyond Hate

  • Odyssey Networks Videos - Watch our original programming beginning September 5th.
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  • Events - Interfaith programs across the country around the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
  • Resources - Articles, Videos, Music and other materials to provide hope, healing and dialogue between people of all faiths.
  • Hymns & Prayers - Remembering those whom we lost on 9/11/01.

  • Prepare New York  - An Interfaith coalition provides resources on how to... 

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