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ON Scripture

ON Scripture, produced by Odyssey Networks, is a leading online multi-media resource, bringing the ancient Christian and Jewish scriptures to life. Every week  a scholar from each of those traditions reflects on the meaning of the upcoming Sabbath’s lectionary passage or Torah portion in light of contemporary issues and events. Their essays are enhanced by an original, news-related video produced by the Odyssey team.  

ON Scripture is intended to support congregational leaders in their own sermon preparation and to help lay people discover the relevance of the scriptures to our world today.

Odyssey believes ON Scripture is essential to increasing understanding between people with different beliefs and serves as a true dialogue between the past and the present highlighting the enduring wisdom of the ancient texts.

ON Scripture is shared with diverse audiences across the web through online partnerships with The Huffington Post, Sojourners, Day1, Hebrew College, Patheos and Beliefnet. 

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What People Are Saying about ON Scripture:

  • "For preachers and teachers who yearn to communicate the authentic message of the Bible today, there's no other resource like ON Scripture. Each week an accomplished church leader focuses the meaning of the Revised Common Lectionary texts onto current events, and a timely video provides extra depth. ON Scripture's multiple web platforms--Odyssey Networks, Huffington Post/Religion, and Day1.org--ensures its vital presence in the marketplace of ideas. As a result, ON Scripture delivers rich insights on both the revered scriptures and the burning issues of the day. We at Day1 are honored to be part of this significant new resource." - Peter M. Wallce, Day1.org/Alliance for Christian Media
  • "ON Scripture is the real-time lectionary assistance a contemporary preacher craves and a layperson deserves; bridging the centuries between the sacred stories of Holy Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit in the world today, this  refreshing new resource offers a perspective that engages, challenges and possesses the potential to reach a wide readership with its entirely relevant message." - Dr. Angela Zinmann, Bowling Green University
  • "It's exciting to see, finally, this kind of keen commentary (usually confined to postmodern, postcolonial ethics textbooks and locally-flavored religious websites) on a large, public domains like Odyssey and the Huffington Post." - Andy Watts, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religion, School of Religion at Belmont University

  • "Congratulations on the excellent new "ON Scripture" feature on Huffington Post…a stupendous idea" - Cynthia Astle, The Progressive Christian

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