2012 Hours Against Hate

2012 Hours Against Hate
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If you are between the ages of 15 and 24, here’s how you can have your story of a great experience made into a video…

Volunteer one hour where you spend time with

someone different from you. 

Find someone who doesn’t look like you,

or who does not live like you

AND who doesn’t pray like you.



Spend an hour engaged in some activity with this person. This activity could be eating together, visiting a special place, etc.  The “doing it together” part is more important than exactly what you are doing. For as many ways as you find that you are different, talk with that person about how many ways you are the same.  How many things do you have in common? Can you make the ratio 5 to 1? 


You can use the form below to register and send your story to us.


Two winning stories will be chosen by Odyssey Networks and we will send a professional video crew to film your story! The winning video will be shown on our website!


Here are some thoughts and suggestions about how to make your story compelling:


In writing your story, be sure to tell us which 2 different faiths are coming together.  If you talked about your faith differences, how many ways could you come up with where you do the same type of thing in your worship? What did you do to enhance this learning (visit places of worship, listen to an unfamiliar music, something else)?  After learning what you did in this hour and how it felt, how might you take this experience/story and share it with others?  Would you let your place of worship know about it?  Would you encourage others to do the same thing?  Let us know what was the best part of this experience.  Tell us how you’ll be telling others about it.

(Please limit this to between 200 – 250 words.)

The deadline for submissions is July 25, 2012


2012 Hours Against Hate, a campaign developed by the Department of State has been adopted by the London Olympics Games.  Odyssey Networks is supporting this effort through our members.

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Odyssey Member partners in 2012 Hours Against Hate:

Alliance for Christian Media
Arizona Interfaith Movement
Auburn Media
Bahai's of the US
Church of Christ, Scientist
Claremont Lincoln University
Claremont School of Theology
Interfaith Power & Light
Jewish Life TV
Jewish Theological Seminary
Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue
Maryknoll Sisters
Mona Parsa (author And So You Were Born)
Moravian Church
Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign of ISNA
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Pluralism Project
The Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta
The United Church of Christ
Unitarian Universalist Association

For more information about this essay contest, email Deb Mathews

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