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Huffington Post
Helping Each Other Find The Way at Occupy Wall Street
Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
President, Auburn Theological Seminary

My hope is that the protest will be a rallying cry for all Americans to remind us of our shared values, not simply the occasion for replicating the political polarization that already grips our country, our neighborhoods and even our families. At a time when there are 46.2 million people in the U.S. living in poverty, we cannot afford to demonize, stereotype and dismiss each other. We need everyone to come to Liberty Square and help each other find our way to a future where abundance is shared, no one is in need and the future looks brighter than today. Read more.

New York Times October 18, 2011
He Made It on Wall St. and Used It to Help Start the Protests
Robert S. Halper, the Times reports, is the single largest donor to Adbusters. (See Background section below.)

From Multi-Faith Service at Occupy Wall-Street
October 9, 2011

Rev. Michael Ellick's Statement
We're here to represent NYC's Communities of Faith. We're here to thank you, ALL of you, for leading the way. For inspiring us. For reminding us, that this isn't just a jobs issue, or an education issue, or a health-care issue, this is a spiritual issue, about what the United States has become. You remind us that our Wall Street Bull has become a false-idol, a golden calf, and a symbol of our spiritual poverty. So we are here, from our Synagogues, and our Mosques, and our Churches, to stand with you, and to remind this country, that there can be no such thing as justice, until there is economic justice. For all of us.
An "#occupation" Prayer for the Faith Communities of New York City:
O-God-Who-Is-Beyond-the-Captivity-of-Any-Name, let us not just repeat the old teachings in our private Sabbath Country Clubs, but let us pour them out in action like Living Water for all people. Amen.
Read more.

Huffington Post
Valarie Kaur
October 9, 2011

This Is What a Groundswell Looks Like
This is a moment that could spark a broader movement that reaffirms the human dignity of all people. In a time when the top 1 percent have as much income as the bottom 60 percent -- a level of inequality not seen since before the Great Depression -- it's a matter of moral imperative to help fix a broken system. Read more.

New York Daily News
October 12, 2011

Faith leaders join call of Occupy Wall Street protesters, find link between religion and movement
Some have called it "a sideshow" to the real-life drama taking place in Zuccotti Park. But the Rev. Donna Schaper and the faith leaders who have rallied around the Occupy Wall Street movement, say their involvement is as solid as their religious beliefs. Schaper, senior minister at Judson Memorial Church, thinks the time has come for faith communities to join the voices protesting the scandalous corporate greed and income inequality affecting 99% of Americans. Read more.

New York Daily News
Judith Miller
October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street protesters are frustrated -- and deserve to be heard
The refreshing thing about this modern-day "be-in" is its lack of predictable demands - its disdain for ostensible solutions to intractable problems. Their response is a primal scream against our high finance-bailout culture. It is not that dissimilar from the frustration that ignited the Tea Party in its early incarnation, before it got "organized," which is to say, hijacked by right-wing billionaires. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal
October 13, 2011

Faith and the Wall Street Protest
During its monthlong occupation of a Manhattan park, the Occupy Wall Street protest has become a labor movement backed by big unions, an economic movement appealing to the insecure and a student movement drawing support from universities. But is it a religious movement? Read more.

October 13, 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street Is More Popular than the Tea Party* (*For now)
One of the juicier nuggets in TIME’s wide-ranging new poll is that voters are embracing the Occupy Wall Street movement as they sour on the Tea Party. Twice as many respondents (54%) have a favorable impression of the eclectic band massing in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park than of the conservative movement that has, after two years, become a staple of the American political scene. Read more.


It is said to have started here. "On September 17," read a blog post on this Canadian website, "we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices." Adbusters defines itself as "a global network of culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power, and the way meaning is produced in our society."
Read About Adbusters on its own site.
Read a CBC report on Adbusters and Occupy Wall Street.

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One of the main -- and many -- Twitter feeds
(May 1, 2012) Protestors occupied the streets of Philadelphia. Morning commuters were diverted in Los Angeles. And in New York where things got off to a damp start, demonstrators gathered in front of large banks and marched through the city. What...
(March 19, 2012) Sixty faith leaders from many traditions are meeting together this week in California to discuss the next steps to take to continue The Occupy Movement. Rev. Rita Nakashima Brock, Ph.D. of Faith Voices for the Common Good and Rev....
(February 25, 2013) Spurred on by the Occupy Wall Street movement, African-American leaders have banded together to forge the Occupy the Dream movement to highlight the widening gap between the rich and poor. Economic injustice was a focus of Dr....
(December 13, 2011) Dozens of protesters flooded Brooklyn's East New York neighborhood last week denouncing the widespread practice of foreclosure, both locally and around the nation. "We need to let people know that this community belongs...
(November 23, 2011) Arrested in a surprise police raid on Nov. 15th, protestor Solomon Seagal offers a first-person account of his treatment by law enforcement during the temporary clearing of Zuccotti Park.
(November 23, 2011) Twenty-four-year-old Justin Goncalves found himself drawn to protest at Occupy Wall Street after losing a coveted job. Upset with what he sees as unethical behavior on Wall Street and in corporate culture, he says he will no...
(November 22, 2011) Linda Lauro-Lazin explains what drove her to travel two hours from home to join the protests at Occupy Wall Street.
(November 18, 2011) Despite a police raid and other violence that erupted at Occupy Oakland, faith leaders remained committed to using non-violent means to try to affect change. The diverse group of clergy united at the city's encampment...
(November 18, 2011) Two days after a police raid at Zuccotti park, Occupy Wall Street protesters on Thursday attempted — unsuccessfully — to disrupt business at the New York Stock Exchange with a set of human blockades. As part of their "Day of...
(November 16, 2011) In the early morning hours of Nov. 15th, Mayor Bloomberg ordered a police raid to clear Zucccotti Park of the Occupy Wall Street protesters who had camped there for almost two months. Faith leaders and protesters congregated...