2013 Odyssey Networks Town Hall Meeting

2013 Odyssey Networks Town Hall Meeting
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Faith on the Front Line Producing Stories for a Digital World

Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 2 – 4 pm E.T
Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, 44 Charlton Street (Charlton & Varick Streets), NYC
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ODYSSEY'S THIRD ANNUAL TOWN HALL MEETING will focus on strategic partnerships in the multi-religious space and the role of media in communicating stories of faith in our lives. Scholars and leaders at the intersection of religion and media will cover a range of relevant issues from online education to production to special initiatives like the faith community's response to guns and violence. Hosted by Odyssey CEO Nick Stuart, we welcome our members, our supporters and our friends to join us for this dynamic two hour live-streamed event.


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Welcome and Introduction by Nick Stuart with a brief update about Odyssey Networks

Guns and Violence
Why are  many people of faith so less effective than the NRA and gun enthusiasts, in influencing policy around gun control? How could we use media to change this? Bob Chase, Intersections International moderates a panel with: Art Cribbs, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, California; Valerie Kaur, Groundswell, an initiative of Auburn Media; Julie Schonfeld, The Rabbinical Assembly and Ennis Tait, Church of the Living God.

Odyssey Partnerships...

Initiative Partnerships- Nick Stuart talks with Elizabeth Dabney Hochman of KidSpirit Online about the 2012 Hours Against Hate campaign initiatied by the Department of State. Odyssey partnered with members in an essay contest for youth. Vidushi Sharma and Susanna Olson, KidSpirit writers, won the contest. Odyssey tells the story through video. Vidushi will join us in person and Susanna via Skype.

Online Education Partnerships What does this landscape look like for members of Odyssey? What are the opportunities? Kellie Anderson-Picallo, formerly of Auburn Media, moderates a panel with Or Rose, Hebrew College; Barbara Lundblad, Union Theological Seminary and John Weaver, Abilene Christian University.

Next Odyssey Member Gathering Announcement

Odyssey Networks 2013 Grants Announcement

Closing statement by Nick Stuart


(Q and A from attendees in-person and online will be part of these sessions, time permitting.)



#ONTownHall2013 throughout the day with comments and questions or e-mail us at townhall@odysseynetworks.org.


Contact Deb Mathews at dmathews@odysseynetworks.org or 212-870-1043.


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