In Rural Virginia, Furor Erupts Over The Ten Commandments

A Ten Commandments display in the public schools in rural Virginia has sparked local protest among those who support it, and an ACLU lawsuit against it.

Va. 10 Commandments Dispute Heads to Court (CBN News, November 28, 2011)

Giles County School Ten Commandments Suit Moves Forward (The Roanoke Times, November 29, 2011)

Aunt Betty Bishop
December 06th, 2011 00:24 am

Religion had a baby. The baby was Law. Law grew up as all of us do and moved away from home.
It's all grown up and independent, but still likes a picture of Mom on the wall.
It's just historical.

LuAnn Lopato
December 05th, 2011 11:14 am

I agree with Patrick. I'm not an ACLU fan but inthis case they are obviously trying to uphold the Constitution.

December 05th, 2011 10:53 am

I do not think that any particular religious symbols should be posted on public (government) property. We are trying to take the religious education of our students out of the hand of the parent and to give it to the state. I thought it was great to see the 10 commandments posted on lockers and in front yards but this is done by individuals not the government. That is what we should be teaching: express your particular religious belief as much as you want but don't try to force it on anyone else.
I saw a picture in the newspaper of a football team at a public high school praying before the game and I didn't like it. Before you condemn me, know that the majority of the team was Muslim and they were praying Islamic prayers. How would your children feel in that environment?
So I say, no one can keep you from expressing your religious beliefs and praying and we as individuals and as churches we should put our beliefs on public display on our own property but never should we impose them where they are not wanted if even by one citizen. That is a principal our country was built upon. The ACLU is actually correct in trying to keep us true to the Constitution.
Christianity is inclusive and not exclusive so telling those who don't believe what we do is UN-Christian.
Remember, Thomas Jefferson said that we must protect ourselves from the "tyranny of the majority."

September 27th, 2011 16:39 pm

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