Occupy Wall Street: Voices from Zuccotti Park

Protestors have been occupying New York City's Zuccotti Park since September 17th in response to what they see as the growing disparity between the rich and the poor.

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November 23rd, 2011 14:24 pm

It's disappointing that Odyssey has such a partisan perspective on the OWS crowd. Ask anyone who has lived in a socialist society and they'll give you plenty of examples of inefficiency, deprivation, injustice and sometimes famine and plague. Is Odyssey unaware of this history? Be warned: There is nothing compassionate about ignorance.

Bishop Andrew Gentry
October 26th, 2011 13:27 pm

You cannot call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ and be a so-called "free market capitalist". You cannot be a Tea Party member and call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ. You cannot be a Republican and call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ. If you are and you do then you are deceived and you deceive others. The "Church" has been a whore and she has slept with the market place and prostituted the Gospel! Unbridled and unregulated capitalism is the greatest evil ever perpetrated on the human race. It will consume itself and implode. It will destroy the planet and all life on it to satisfy its gluttony and lust. There is no middle ground, you either serve the Master or your serve the worship of mammon. The time is far spent when the Angels of the New Apocalypse have been loosed. The earth is dying and so are we. It is either the Cross and the Empty Tomb or it is death never ending.
Bishop Andrew Gentry

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