Eboo Patel on Millennials and the 2012 Election

Eboo Patel, founder and director of the Interfaith Youth Core, explains that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will have to reach out to Millennial voters to electrify this crucial base come Election Day.
Terry Waggle
June 06th, 2012 15:06 pm

As a Christian I believe in the same God that Jews and Muslims believe in. I don't feel threatened by the differences but am heartened by our shared beginnings. We're like a family comprised of a combination of adopted children, of step-children, and of biological children all brought together at a family reunion.
My God is an inclusive God who loves us all and wants the best for us. If we love God with all our means to do so, then we'll respect ourselves and be able to respect and love others like-wise.

June 05th, 2012 18:58 pm

It's nice to see young people from different backgrounds discuss issues together in conversation. However, they should not be encouraged to worship in other religions as this video shows. To me that is crossing the line. We should not have interfaith relationships to the point that we worship together because religions do not worship the same way or believe the same things.

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