Faces of Poverty: A Single Father

After suffering a layoff and searching for work for two years, a divorced 46-year-old father of three lands a job outside of Reading, Pa. The shift work is crucial for him to survive financially, but the hours required means he rarely sees his 16-year-old daughter.
Grace Hill
December 28th, 2011 12:22 pm

I agree with Dr. Steele above. This is he story of a decent hard-working family man--a veteran too. Thirty years ago when Reading and others like it had a manufacturing sector, he would have been working and earning decent pay. What has happened to us as a country that the middle class has been destroyed, towns and cities like Reading reduced to slums, jobs shipped overseas and meanwhile the 1% and MEMBERS OF CONGRESS (half of whom are millionaires) have led a charmed existence?

Dr Ralph Steele,BCPC,DAPA,Esq
December 26th, 2011 12:21 pm

This is not American where 1% of people make all of the monies, all of the wealth and the greater society of single parent women/men with children suffer. I hear the republicans say no taxes but it does not matter whether we pay or not pay taxes if we dont have the monies or wealth to buy food, or pay for our housing, clothing, just simple necessities of life, not withstanding paying taxes when we are paying taxes and the rich are not. What difference does it make when WE dont have more taxes when the rich are not paying any taxes. What difference does it make when this 46 year old man dont have a job for feed his 3 children or house them when jobs for him are taken by American businesses over seas because big businesses dont want to pay American workers a decent wage, they dont want to pay them an equitable wage and compensation. What difference does it make when the wealthy and or republicans dont want people to have health insurance but we are required to have car insurance and if you dont you get a ticket and have your car impounded and maybe suspension of your drivers license. Any nation is only as good as its poorest, most impoverish family/community member. We are too intelligent, too technological, too much of a WINNER to allow masses of people in America living around the affluence to allow fathers, mothers and children to be poor. If the rich, mighty and wealthy wants to seriously do something about it they can without giving us false realities about taxes,m health insurance, and low wage jobs that keep people in poverty. In America we need an EMPLOYEE EQUITABLE PAY WAGE AND COMPENSATION LAW OR ACT, SO that people are assured to can paid a decent wage for a decent days work which is not being done right now in America. The rich wealthy mighty and powerful are taking most of the monies off the top and leaving employees with little of less for wages and compensation therefore people dont have enough wages compensation to live a decent quality life in America. How is it that big companies can pay the righ mighty and wealthy million dollar bonuses and NOT GIVE BONUSES TO ALL EMPLOYEES who also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the companies? So we can reduce and stop the increase of the 46 year men and women who are good people just simply need a good decent paying job to take care of their families. peace Dr Ralph Steele

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