Faith and The Occupy Movement

Sixty faith leaders from many traditions are meeting together this week in California to discuss the next steps to take to continue The Occupy Movement. Rev. Rita Nakashima Brock, Ph.D. of Faith Voices for the Common Good and Rev. Jeremy D. Nickel of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation met with Odyssey Networks to uncover what's next for the social movement and why mainstream media has no longer focused on The Occupy Movement.
Jai Veda
April 03rd, 2012 00:34 am

This is just divine!
I am a founding memeber of the Occupy San Francisco Interfaith WG and am currently working on a proposal for our upcoming GA, in regards to the Occupation of a building located at 888 Turk st. in SF that was raided today after less than 24hours seemingly at the instruction of the owners ( the local Archdiocese). We plan to propose that OccupySF continue forward with our plans for a space that can both serve the needs of Occupy (Teach-in's, meeting & storage space, food and shelter, etc) and the needs of the community (in many the same ways).
Titled "The Future of OSF 'Commune' Center"
It will focus on corrdinating with our allies in the faith based community to find and maintain a semi-permenant indoor space owned by an existing religious organization. To help facilitate the satisfaction of both OccupySF needs and the cities desire to co-opt outdoor protest sites/vigils/occupations. I would love to bend an ear or two with further information before the proposal reaches conscensus vote on Thursday 4/5/12.
Thank you for your time and all that you have done/are doing/will do for all of Occupy.
-Jai Veda, Neo-Hindu of The Unified Humanist Fellowship
Occupy SF Interfaith Working Group

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