LGBTQ Groups on Catholic Campuses

The Catholic Church's hierarchy has been clear in its statements against same-sex marriage. But many Catholic colleges and universities have officially recognized LGBTQ associations and clubs on their campuses. There are more than 100 Catholic institutions of higher learning with some sort of LGBTQ group, according to New Ways Ministries, an advocacy organization for lesbian and gay Catholics that has been condemned by the Church.

Joshua Kutticherry, a Catholic and former chairman of Fordham University Law School's OUTLaws, says LGBTQ voices are crucial on any campus. And Father Gerald Murray, an expert in canonical law and Pastor of Manhattan's St. Vincent de Paul Church, explains the Catholic Church's point of view.
April 18th, 2012 13:33 pm

I don't know how the Church can look at Christ's behavior of welcoming everyone and then deliberately turn people away from His Church? There is a definite conflict and paradox in the behavior of the early Church and the modern Church. I know people must think me naive but Jesus was an inclusive person to me.

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