Lisa Miller on Religion and the 2012 Presidential Election

Lisa Miller, a religion columnist at The Washington Post and contributing editor at New York Magazine, explains her view that religion "serves to divide people" in American political elections. By contrast, she says, "on the street, religion is a much gentler force."
Robert Lesher
May 29th, 2012 13:22 pm

I got a lot out of this interview. Ms. Miller made good points. The story of Trinity and Jeremiah Wright that never got told was important to why the President joined the community. The pastor and congregation had 30 or more programs that connected faith to daily lives. They worked to improve police and community (especially youth) relations, had programs that engaged youth, addressed fair housing, work and school issues. There were programs to help people returning from prison to stabilize their lives, and participate fully in the lives of family, community, and congregation. They lived the faith of Jesus and the Bible.
Does Rev. Wright say things that get some shackles up? Yes. I worked in the streets of Chicago for 12 years and many African-Americans, and economically poor expressed in private what Rev. Wright gave voice to. I felt he came on strong at times, but he was speaking against a powerful force-racism and classism. Even then people refuse to listen in a way that brings change to a radically unjust problem that plagues our country.

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