Circumcision Ban: Violating Religious Freedom?

A coalition including Jewish and Muslim groups have launched a lawsuit challenging a proposed ban on circumcision that is due to go before San Francisco voters in the Fall. The coalition asserts that a ban on circumcision, a ritual practice in both religious traditions, represents a violation of the right to religious expression, and that, legally, the city is not authorized to bar a medical practice. Proponents of the ban assert that women are protected from forced genital mutilation, and men are no less deserving of that protection. The proposal would ban all circumcisions on males under the age of 18; there is no religious exemption.
August 26th, 2011 05:57 am

Circumcision is a ritual for males for Jews and Muslims and must be respected as so!  This is a religious rite.

 A co-worker (a Christian) confided that his doctor advised him to be circumcised because he was infecting his wife.  This was choice. 

 Later, as a mom, my doctor (a Christian) explained to me (a Christian) that circumcision was necessary for cleanliness.  My husband (a Christian who was circumcised) and I agreed that both our sons be circumcised. This was a choice.

July 26th, 2011 01:21 am

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