Faith Under Fire: A Response by Imam Khalid Latif

The recent hearings on "Radical Islam" are not going to strengthen us, they are just going to push us further apart, says Imam Khalid Latif, a Muslim chaplain at New York University and with the New York Police Department. Demonizing a group isolates them from the rest of society, he says, and prevents us from being able to understand the qualities and values that we do share. He also talks about standing with families of 9-11 victims, as a Muslim chaplain with the New York Police Department, and how the families have accepted him although the Secret Service has not always been as welcoming. Learn more about Imam Khalid Latif.

March 14th, 2011 21:03 pm

What do you think about Imam Latif's comments? Is America's diversity also its strength?

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