TE'A Project: Detention

TE'A Project explores the creation of the scene “Detention.” You’ll meet Sandeep, an American Sikh who shared his story with the TE’A Company. And also, Felipe, aka “Flip,” a young Mexican writer/performer, who brought Sandeep’s story to the stage. These two individuals likely would have never met, if not for the TE’A Process.

The TE'A Project uses interactive theatre to inspire the desire and the will of young people to cross the barriers of race, class, culture and religion in America's communities. TE'A TV captures the power of the unique TE'A process in a series webisodes that allow the viewer to witness the transformative power of curiosity. Learn more here. Watch all of the TE'A Project videos: "Headscarf," "The Bar," "Detention,"and "Finding The Story."

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