TE'A Project: Headscarf

TE'A gets under the veil to dispel stereotypes associated with women who cover and their choice to wear the hijab. Then in the post-performance dialogue, one woman challenges the Company to see this issue through more than one lens. Deepened insight compels the TE'A Company to revisit the scene and improve it before the next performance. Join them in the transformative TE'A process!

The TE'A Project uses interactive theatre to inspire the desire and the will of young people to cross the barriers of race, class, culture and religion in America's communities. TE'A TV captures the power of the unique TE'A process in a series webisodes that allow the viewer to witness the transformative power of curiosity. Learn more here. Watch all of the TE'A Project videos: "Headscarf," "The Bar," "Detention,"and "Finding The Story."

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