Politicking from the Pulpit

On Sunday Oct. 2nd, a group of pastors united to endorse political candidates from the pulpit - in direct violation of federal tax regulations -- claiming that the tax regulations infringe on their First Amendment right to preach on the candidates.
Brian Rivera
January 05th, 2012 16:20 pm

The best solution would be to even the playing field by preventing corporations from affecting election outcomes as well.

Corporations are not individuals/people, but they are treated as such under United States law.

Why is that bad? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Does a corporation have a conscience?
Where do corporations interests lay, with society in general or with stockholders?
Are other organizations (like churches, country clubs, neighborhood associations) allowed to
contribute to campaigns?)
Are corporations subject to the same laws and legal remedies as individuals?
(For instance, can they be put in prison? Can they be executed? Are stockholders liable beyond their investments for corporate actions resulting in damages?--NO! But you are :-) )

People should be outraged by the preferential treatment corporations and corporate agents receive under our legal system! Church leaders ought to talk about the ethical implications of how our society operates, but we can decide ourselves who best represents society.

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