The Struggle Over Costly Health Care

In a stunning decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld most of the Obama health care overhaul, including the individual mandate that requires nearly all Americans to purchase health insurance. The Affordable Care Act, passed and signed into law in 2010, is hailed by Obama's supporters as the signature legislative accomplishment of his first term. Many conservatives argued that the individual mandate infringed on their rights by forcing them to purchase insurance, and fining them if they did not, and was therefore unconstitutional. The one part of the law the court restricted was the portion that calls for the expansion of Medicaid. According to the ruling, states will have some flexibility in deciding whether to expand Medicaid.

Get the full story here - Faith World Divided on Surpreme Court Ruling on Obama Health Care Overhaul

Various faith traditions teach the virtue of tending to the ill and the needy. "Care of the sick is about as profound an obligation as you can have, and that extends not only to the individual in those traditions, that’s a basic obligation of a community," says Bruce Vladeck, the former national administrator of Medicare and Medicaid during President Bill Clinton's first term. "And it’s astonishing… but the lack of sort of logical connection between what we say are our professed values as a society and what we do on this issue and others is just… intellectually unsupportable." In the following video, Vladeck explains the societal and economic challenges our nation faces in terms of providing quality health care to all citizens. The Affordable Care Act, signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010 and upheld June 28th by the U.S. Supreme Court, goes farther than any other piece of U.S. legislation in reducing the ranks of the nation's 50 million uninsured and addressing the rising costs of health insurance in America, Vladeck says.

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Terry Waggle
May 03rd, 2012 17:59 pm

What will it take for everyone to be able to understand the benefits of the Affordable Health Care system President Obama has come up with? Are the insurance companies that powerful that they can twist the truth and prevent people from hearing it? When various faith groups are listed as not on board with this I'm wondering what Bible they're reading, what part of the mandate Jesus handed down about "the least of these" are they ignoring? On the other hand, the fact that we all pay for the uninsured when they have to resort to going to the ER for their basic health care needs should speak volumes!

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