The Third Jihad

In a continuing series on the New York Police Department's monitoring of Muslims, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and Cyrus McGoldrick, the civil rights manager of the Council on American Islamic Relations, react to the film "The Third Jihad." Narrated by Jasser and released in 2008, several groups have objected to the controversial film's content and the fact that, contrary to initial police reports, it was shown to nearly 1,500 NYPD officers in 2010 as a training video. According to "The Third Jihad" website, the film "explores the existence of radical Islam in America and the emerging risk that this 'homegrown jihad' poses to national security, western liberties and the 'American way of life.'"

The firestorm over "The Third Jihad" first erupted in January 2011, when the Village Voice first reported that the film was being shown to NYPD police officers. After some groups objected that the content was Islamaphobic, the police administration claimed in response that the video was shown a few times to a handful of officers; a year later, in January 2012, it was revealed that the video was shown on continuous loop for between three months and a year to the nearly 1500 officers. After repeated requests for comment, the NYPD declined to respond to Odyssey Networks for this story.

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